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05 June 2017 @ 02:25 am
In short, January 2017 till May 2017 were the hardest of months for me. A finger can trace the rim of a glass wine, but its owner would never allow it to touch the liquid. A person however, loses sight of himself and falls vulnerable, trotting around the edge of despair. I was like that.

Despite everything and what hell of a ride I've been through, I understand that a human can only withstand that much. You'd end up at the rocks somewhere during your lifetime just so to understand the enjoyment of dreams, stardust, and wonder.

Anyhow, I just want to point out that nobody did fish me out of the currents, but a few songs did throw me a float in time.

"It feels like fourteen carats but no clarity," - 20 dollar nosebleed by fall out boy
"The kids aren't alright," -The kids aren't alright by fall out boy
"I've got troubled thoughts and a self esteem to match," -what a catch, donnie by fall out boy
"I'm not okay, and it's not alright," -drown by bring me the horizon
"Just shine a light into the wreckage, so far away away," -still breathing by green day
"I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone," -famous last words by my chemical romance
"What's the worst that I can say? Things are better if I stay," -helena by my chemical romance
"Where we're from, there's no sun," -hometown by twenty one pilots
"Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know, That you're alive and have a soul. But it takes someone to come around to show you how," -tear in my heart by twenty one pilots
"Gangsters don’t cry, Therefore, therefore I’m, Mr. Misty-eyed, therefore I’m. Can you save, Can you save my, Can you save my heavy dirty soul?" -heavy dirty soul by twenty one pilots
"I’ve been thinking too much, Help me," -ride by twenty one pilots
"I'm falling, so I'm taking my time on my ride," -ride by twenty one pilots
"We used to play pretend, used to play pretend, money. We used to play pretend, wake up, you need the money. We used to play pretend, used to play pretend, money. We used to play pretend, wake up, you need the money. We used to play pretend, give each other different names, We would build a rocket ship and then we'd fly it far away, Used to dream of outer space but now they're laughing at our face, Saying, "Wake up, you need to make money." Yo! "
"Though I’m weak and beaten down, I’ll slip away into this sound, The ghost of you is close to me, I’m inside-out, you're underneath," -goner by twenty one pilots
"Do or die, you'll never make me
Because the world will never take my heart
Go and try, you'll never break me
We want it all, we wanna play this part
I won't explain or say I'm sorry
I'm unashamed, I'm gonna show my scars
Give a cheer for all the broken,
" -welcome to the black parade by my chemical romance

*most of TØP's songs were covers by Austin Jones.

Guess I'll survive this mess.
30 March 2017 @ 12:59 am

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Welcome to the black parade -My Chemical Romance

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Youth -Troye Sivan

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Just leaving these here.
*underlined are my favourite lines ;_;